On the way to Paradise

The exhibition ‘On the way to Paradise’ takes you back tot the origin of Paradise on earth. It takes you tot the old Egypt and Babylonia and finally to Paradise in heaven.

Learn more about the search of Paradise by Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Walk into the garden of Eden, imagine to be in the Egypt of female Pharao Hatsjepsoet, look in astonishment at a child’s mummy and enter into a unique replica of the tomb of Sennedjem!

Special objects of interest, like a 5000 year old clay tablet and a footprint of the first human ever, make this exhibition extraordinary.

What’s Paradise to you?

Where and when?

In the main building from 9th of April till 25th of October 2020.

Experience the museum

Welcome to Museumpark Orientalis – Heilig Landstichting! Here the colourful world of Judaism, Christianity and Islam comes to life. Architecture and nature meet in this museum, which stretches out over 30 hectares. Experience different cultures and religions in an educative and playful way in our Jewish and Arabic village, our desert and Karavanserai, and our Roman city street.



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The museum is closed and will be open again from March 1 to  25 October 2020.


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