Building the Tower of Babel

We're changing the desert!


The camp of tents has been moved aside to make room for a construction of true height and width: the Tower of Babel!

The Tower of Babel appears in Genesis in the Bible. In Genesis 11:1-9 a group of people travels to a plain and starts building a city with a tower. This would allow them to become famous and prevent them from being scattered all over the world. When God noticed this, he came down to the earth, confused the language of the people and scattered them all over the world. It has become a story about the misunderstandings that can arise between people of different cultures and religions. For that reason Museumpark Orientalis will organize events around the Tower to bring people of different cultures and religions together and attempt to go beyond the Babylonian speech confusion.

Click here to view the progress of building the tower (Dutch website).

The tower is being built by the artists Meg Mercx ( en Rob Verwer ( They are the initiators of Kunst in de Aula. They initiate and realize a variety of educative and art projects together with a diverse groupe of artists, technicians and dramatists. They work in their studio in Nijmegen and on location in The Netherlands and internationally.

Experience the museum

Welcome to Museumpark Orientalis – Heilig Land Stichting! Here the colourful world of Judaism, Christianity and Islam comes to life. Architecture and nature meet in this museum, which stretches out over 30 hectares. Experience different cultures and religions in an educative and playful way in our Jewish and Arabic village, our desert and Karavanserai, and our Roman city street.



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Opening hours:  Daily (except Mondays): 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

From March 1 till October 28 2018  


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